Sunday, December 14, 2008


On Sunday the 15th we saw HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3.Dad took us after the movie he said that we have to get the movie.It was so good it was so good it rocked.

Uncle Danny, here are the answers to the questions you asked me last time.
I do not now what they are called yes,you can get other types of them. They are jungel baby animals, and I am on holiday now.
I am sooooooo ecited that I am going to see you all to!!!!!!!!!


Phrog said...

Just waiting for High School Musical 3 to come out on the Net and i`ll send a copy up for you. Hope you enjoy your holidays, we`ll see you soon

foxylady said...

WOW that sounds so great. Mind you Ginny hasn't even seen High School Mucsical 1...whoops. What about we see madagascar 2 when you are here???